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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment is based on the understanding that alcohol and drug abuse/dependence is a chronic illness. Treatment is based on freedom from substance use disorders. The Orlando VA offers a full range of outpatient substance abuse services including: medicine, individual therapy, group therapy, spiritual counseling, coordination with AA and NA groups in the community, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Dual Diagnosis Track, Outpatient Services, Relapse Prevention, and Continuity of Care/Aftercare. Outpatient or residential treatment is available. Please visit Domiciliary for more information about our program here at the Orlando VA Medical Center.

The IOP is a 21-day intensive treatment for patients with substance use disorders and for patients with co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Other Substance Use Disorder services are offered where less intensive, outpatient interventions are more appropriate. Length of time in this clinic is determined by the patient’s particular needs. The Relapse Prevention Group is designed to help veterans re-establish their recovery program and learn new skills to avoid further relapses in the future. Patients who have completed formal alcohol and substance abuse or dual diagnosis treatment in any healthcare environment are invited to actively participate in their ongoing recovery/sobriety through the continuity of care group.

How does one you get help? Ask your Primary Care provider, social worker, or another direct care staff to request a consult to the Mental Health Clinic.


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