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Community Living Center

The Orlando VA Community Living Center (formerly called the Orlando VA Nursing Home Care Unit) provides compassionate, person-centered care in a safe and home-like environment to eligible veterans who require nursing home level care.  The goal of care is to restore function, prevent decline, maximize independence, and provide comfort when dying.  The goals of care are achieved in an environment where the veteran is respected, treated with dignity, and invited to be an active participant in his/her care.  Attention is given to making the veteran feel at home.  We emphasize enhancing and supporting the veteran’s quality of life.

Veterans are eligible to receive care in the Orlando VA Community Living Center if they meet the current eligibility criteria for Nursing Home benefits and the veteran is in need of the level of care and services available. The Orlando VA Community Living Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and offers a wide variety of specialized long term care services to eligible veterans.

Services Offered

 Skilled Nursing Care  
 Rehabilitative Services  
 Dementia Special Care  
 Hospice Care/End of Life Care  
 Respite Care  
 Spinal Cord Injury Care  
 For additional information regarding services available in the Orlando  VA Community Living Center, eligibility, and admission criteria, contact the following areas.
 General admission information and applications: (407) 599-1552
 Dementia: (407) 599-1540
 Respite care for persons with dementia: (407) 599-1540
 End of life care: (407) 599-1540
 Skilled care rehabilitation: (407) 599-1538
 Respite care for persons without dementia: (407) 599-1538
 Spinal cord injury care: (407) 599-1350




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